Photo of staff looking over a map
Photo of library, yoga ball, chair
Group photo from NASA Hackathon
Photo of Philadelphia's Art Museum Area
Photo of HunchLab booth at a convention
Photo of team out a bar
Photo of Summer of Maps Fellows
Photo of staff member giving presentation
Photo of developers, one of whom is in a banana suit
Photo of staff watching a bad movie
Photo of four people playing ping pong
Photo of office, including a few desks
Photo of staff with hands raised
Photo of 8 pieces of artwork on a wall
Photo from outside the Wolf Building

We believe in the power of technology to improve communities and our planet.

Azavea applies geospatial technology for civic and social impact in elections, ecosystems, history, public safety, climate change, and more. Our team is growing. All that's missing is you!

Build beautiful web and mobile software that matters

Our developers work closely with our UI/UX team to build user-focused applications in a range of languages and frameworks, like Javascript, Python, Django, Scala, and C#. We strive for elegant solutions to complex problems to bring about positive change.

Advancing the state-of-the-art and sharing the results

We believe in being generous with our time, knowledge, and expertise. We enjoy that feeling of fulfillment from doing good for others. We want to be helpful to our partners, our friends, and the larger technology community as much as we are to our paying customers.

B Corp logo

Certified B Corporation

One of the B Corp Best for the Workers 2013 recipients, our mission is to create stronger communities while providing a stimulating, intellectually challenging, and open environment for our employees.


Giving Back

Every year, we give away at least 2% of our profits to non-profit organizations. The selection is done collaboratively as each member of our team is asked to allocate the contributions we will make.

10% Research

Staff members are encouraged to develop a personal research or learning program and can spend up to 10% of their time on this. Several research projects have been turned into new software tools, won awards or have enabled us to pursue new business opportunities in domains we had not explored before.

Chloropleth map of Philadelphia donations for MANNA

Pro Bono and Summer of Maps

Through our pro bono program and Summer of Maps fellowship program we work on spatial analysis projects for organizations that do not have the resources to do so on their own. These projects have the potential for positive impact on whole communities.

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Open Source

We believe that communities of knowledge, culture and innovation are more vital and energetic when outcomes are shared, enabling others to more effectively build on past work. Check our GitHub account as well as our work on the GeoTrellis, OpenTreeMap and DistrictBuilder projects. Many of our colleagues are active contributors in other open source projects too.

  • Fully subsidized health care, dental, prescription plan, including for spouse/partner and children
  • Fully subsidized life and long term disability insurance, plus voluntary short term disability insurance
  • Medical reimbursement plan to cover what the health insurance does not
  • Retirement plan with matching percentage
  • Almost 4 weeks paid vacation plus sick/personal time off
  • Family and medical leave
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave
  • Child care subsidy
  • Paid time off for voting and volunteering
  • Education assistance plan
  • Student loan assistance
  • Public transit and biking reimbursement plans
  • Monthly lunches on the house
  • 10% time for Research or Training Projects
  • Profit-sharing bonus plan
  • Financial transparency through an open book policy
  • Kind, capable and thoughtful colleagues
Operations Team
Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia, PA
Urban Ecosystems Team
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